Flutter 兼容性策略

Flutter 团队努力平衡对 API 稳定性的需求和对 API 持续研发以修复 bug,提升其人机工程学体验的需求。并且我们会通过一种连贯的方式来提供新特性。

The Flutter team tries to balance the need for API stability with the need to keep evolving APIs to fix bugs, improve API ergonomics, and provide new features in a coherent manner.


To this end, we have created a test registry where you can provide unit tests for your own applications or libraries that we run on every change to help us track changes that would break existing applications. Our commitment is that we won’t make any changes that break these tests without working with the developers of those tests to (a) determine if the change is sufficiently valuable, and (b) provide fixes for the code so that the tests continue to pass.

作为该计划的一部分,如果你想要提供一些测试方案,请向 flutter/tests repository 提交 PR。这个仓库中的 README.md 文件描述了具体流程。

If you would like to provide tests as part of this program, please submit a PR to the flutter/tests repository. The README.md file on that repository describes the process in detail.


Announcements and migration guides

如果我们确实发布了一项重要改动(定义为:会导致一个或更多已提交的测试需要变化的改动),我们将通过 flutter-announce 邮箱列表公布,并且同时写在发布版说明上。

If we do make a breaking change (defined as a change that caused one or more of these submitted tests to require changes), we will announce the change on our flutter-announce mailing list as well as in our release notes.

我们提供一个受重要改动影响的 迁移代码指南 列表。

We provide a list of guides for migrating code affected by breaking changes.


Deprecation policy


We will, on occasion, deprecate certain APIs rather than outright break them overnight. This is independent of our compatibility policy which is exclusively based on whether submitted tests fail, as described above.

Dart 和其它被 Flutter 使用的库

Dart and other libraries used by Flutter

Dart 语言本身有另外一个重要改动政策,记录在 Dart wiki 中

The Dart language itself has a separate breaking-change policy, documented on the Dart wiki.

总而言之,关于其它依赖的重要改动,Flutter 团队目前没有做出任何承诺。例如,有可能 Flutter 的一个新版本使用了新版本的 Skia(Flutter 使用的图形引擎)或者 Harfbuzz(Flutter 使用的字体形状引擎),将会影响到已提交测试的改动。这一类的改动不一定会被写入迁移指南。

In general, the Flutter team does not currently have any commitment regarding breaking changes for other dependencies. For example, it’s possible that a new version of Flutter using a new version of Skia (the graphics engine used by Flutter) or Harfbuzz (the font shaping engine used by Flutter) would have changes that affect contributed tests. Such changes would not necessarily be accompanied by a migration guide.