Flutter Favorite 项目

The Flutter Favorite program logo

Flutter Favorite 项目是为了在你构建应用时,能够向你提供你应该优先考虑的 package 和插件。这并不意味着它能够在你的特定情况下保证你的产品质量和适用性— 你应该始终针对你的项目情况对 packages 和插件进行自我评估。

The aim of the Flutter Favorite program is to identify packages and plugins that you should first consider when building your app. This is not a guarantee of quality or suitability to your particular situation—you should always perform your own evaluation of packages and plugins for your project.

你可以在 pub.dev 上看到完整的 Flutter Favorite packages 列表。

You can see the complete list of Flutter Favorite packages on pub.dev.



Flutter Favorite packages 通过以下指标来确认是否达到高质量标准:

Flutter Favorite packages have passed high quality standards using the following metrics:

  • Package 的 整体分数

    Overall package score

  • 宽松许可证, 包括但不限于 Apache、Artistic、BSD、CC BY、MIT、MS-PL 和 W3C

    Permissive license, including (but not limited to) Apache, Artistic, BSD, CC BY, MIT, MS-PL and W3C

  • GitHub 版本标签与从 pub.dev 获取的当前版本匹配,以便你可以准确地看到 packages 的源码

    GitHub version tag matches the current version from pub.dev, so you can see exactly what source is in the package

  • 特性 完整 ——并且没有被标记为不完整(例如带着「beta」或「under construction」标签)

    Feature completeness—and not marked as incomplete (for example, with labels like “beta” or “under construction”)

  • 成为 已验证发布者

    Verified publisher

  • 当其涉及到概述、文档、样本/示例代码和 API 质量时,具备一般 可用性

    General usability when it comes to the overview, docs, sample/example code, and API quality

  • 在 CPU 和内存占用方面,具有优异的 运行时行为

    Good runtime behavior in terms of CPU and memory usage

  • 高质量 依赖项

    High quality dependencies

Flutter 生态系统委员会

Flutter Ecosystem Committee

Flutter 生态系统委员会(FEC)由 Flutter 团队成员和社区成员组成并贯穿其生态系统。他们的工作之一就是确定一个 package 是否满足成为 Flutter Favorite 的质量要求。

The Flutter Ecosystem Committee (FEC) is comprised of Flutter team members and Flutter community members spread across its ecosystem. One of their jobs is to decide when a package has met the quality bar to become a Flutter Favorite.


The current committee members (ordered alphabetically by last name) are as follows:

  • Pooja Bhaumik
  • Hillel Coren
  • Thea Flowers
  • Simon Lightfoot
  • Lara Martín
  • Chris Sells (committee chair)
  • Michael Thomsen
  • Diego Velasquez
  • Kyle Wang

如果你想提名一个 package 或插件成为潜在的 Flutter Favorite,亦或是想提请其他需要引起注意的问题至委员会,请发送邮件至 委员会主席

If you’d like to nominate a package or plugin as a potential future Flutter Favorite, or would like to bring any other issues to the attention of the committee, send the committee chair an email.

Flutter Favorite 使用指南

Flutter Favorite usage guidelines

Flutter Favorite packages 会由 Flutter 团队在 pub.dev 上标注。如果你拥有一个 package 被标注未 Flutter Favorite,那么你必须遵守以下准则:

Flutter Favorite packages are labeled as such on pub.dev by the Flutter team. If you own a package that has been designated as a Flutter Favorite, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Flutter Favorite package 的作者可以将 Flutter Favorite 徽标放置在 package 的 GitHub README 中, pub.dev 上 package 主页的 Overview 处,以及社交媒体上与该 package 相关的帖子中。

    Flutter Favorite package authors may place the Flutter Favorite logo in the package’s GitHub README, on the package’s pub.dev Overview tab, and on social media as related to posts about that package.

  • 我们鼓励你在社交媒体上使用 #FlutterFavorite 标签。

    We encourage you to use the #FlutterFavorite hashtag in social media.

  • 当使用 Flutter Favorite 的标志时,作者必须提供跳转至此 Flutter Favorite 着陆页的链接,以说明该徽标的来龙去脉。

    When using the Flutter Favorite logo, the author must link to (this) Flutter Favorite landing page, to provide context for the designation.

  • 假定一个 Flutter Favorite package 失去了它的 Flutter Favorite 标记,作者将收到通知。届时,作者必须立即删除所有受影响的 packages 所使用「Flutter Favorite」和「Flutter Favorite 徽标」。

    If a Flutter Favorite package loses its Flutter Favorite status, the author will be notified, at which point the author must immediately remove all uses of “Flutter Favorite” and the Flutter Favorite logo from the affected package.

  • 不得以任何方式改变、歪曲或修改 Flutter Favorite 的徽标,包括通过颜色变换或未经批准的视觉元素来展示该徽标。

    Don’t alter, distort, or modify the Flutter Favorite logo in any way, including displaying the logo with color variations or unapproved visual elements.

  • 不得以误导的方式展示 Flutter Favorite 的徽标,即以误导、不平等、诽谤、侵权、中伤、贬低、淫秽或其他令谷歌反感的方式展示来 Flutter Favorite 徽标。

    Don’t display the Flutter Favorite logo in a manner that is misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, obscene, or otherwise objectionable to Google.


What’s next

随着生态系统的不断发展,您应该期待 Flutter Favorite packages 名单会不断壮大和更新委员会将持续与 packages 作者合作以提高质量,并思考让生态系统的其他领域,如工具、咨询公司和高产的 Flutter 贡献者,也可以从 Flutter Favorite 计划中获益。

You should expect the list of Flutter Favorite packages to grow and change as the ecosystem continues to thrive. The committee will continue working with package authors to increase quality, as well as consider other areas of the ecosystem that could benefit from the Flutter Favorite program, such as tools, consulting firms, and prolific Flutter contributors.

随着 Flutter 生态系统的发展。我们将着眼于扩大指标设置,其中可能包括以下内容。

As the Flutter ecosystem grows, we’ll be looking at expanding the set of metrics, which might include the following:

  • 使用全新的 pubspec.yaml 格式来明确指出其支持哪些平台。

    Use of the new pubspec.yaml format that clearly indicates which platforms are supported.

  • 支持 Flutter 的最新稳定版本。

    Support for the latest stable version of Flutter.

  • 对 AndroidX 的支持。

    Support for AndroidX.

  • 支持多种平台,如 Web、macOS、Windows 和 Linux 等。

    Support for multiple platforms, such as web, macOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

  • 集成以及单元测试覆盖。

    Integration as well as unit test coverage.

Flutter Favorites

你可以在 pub.dev 上看到完整的 Flutter Favorite packages 列表。

You can see the complete list of Flutter Favorite packages on pub.dev.